I am Viktoria Lorenz, a young fashion designer.
Let’s take you on my journey.

My passion for fashion


The origin of my fascination with fashion lies in the first collection that Raf Simons presented for the House of Dior in 2012. At that time I was 14 years old and living in the USA. With great enthusiasm I began researching and taking notes about fashion history and fashion designers, which soon led me to create my own designs.

Filing box showing some of Viktorias notes Filing box showing some of Viktorias notes.

My designs


Striking yet unobstrusive.
Consistent to the last detail.
Artistic yet wearable.

I consider my design sustainable, because to me sustainablity also means versatile and timeless design.

My goal


Especially nowadays individuality has become an essential challenge. As a designer, I therefore want to create extraordinary fashion that is yet wearable. By combining art or even other inspiring subjects with fashion in a minimalistic way, I aim to make my customers feel well dressed.

“I celebrate the pure art of fashion by creating wearable art.”

The Art Mask


With the art mask I want to draw the main focus to the clothes and emphasize the intention of my designs: By creating 360 degree looks I want to awaken the viewers desire to discover a piece of clothing from every angle. From near and far. While standing still and moving. The viewers engagement with the garment as a work of art aims to create something that is urgently needed in fashion today: deceleration.

Viktoria Lorenz - The Art Mask Photo: Viktoria Lorenz

The ZERO collection


My first collection ZERO was inspired by the art of the ZERO group, which I discovered at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Never before have I been so enthusiastic about art. I intuitively associated the artworks with clothing. In just a few hours I made numerous sketches of the collection.

Made in Germany


Due to the elaborate designs the making process of each garment requires not only time but also sartorial expertise. The pieces of the collection are exclusively available as made-to-measure garments that always require a private appointment. For that we welcome our guests in our Atelier in Wiesbaden Germany and also travel internationally.

cutting-pattern Photo: Johanna Sophia Spahn

In addition we offer unique accessories that are available through the Viktoria Lorenz online boutique, which will soon be complemented by new products.


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